Roger Nygard is notorious among car salesman for his feature-film dramatic-comedy SUCKERS, and among Star Trek fans for his documentary TREKKIES. Nygard’s prior documentaries include the recently-restored SIX DAYS IN ROSWELL, which probes alien fanatics as well as UFO experts, and THE NATURE OF EXISTENCE, which solves the eternal question “Why are we here?” and his latest book and documentary, THE TRUTH ABOUT MARRIAGE, which gets to the bottom of why relationships are so damn hard. Nygard has directed TV series like The Office, and The Bernie Mac Show. His work as a film editor includes Grey’s Anatomy, The League, and Emmy-nominated episodes of Who Is America? and Veep and Curb Your Enthusiasm. He co-produced and edited The Comedy Store, a documentary about the comedians who came though this world-famous LA club. Recent projects include: Curb Your Enthusiasm season 11, and The White House Plumbers. And newly published is his book, Cut to the Monkey, about making and editing hit comedy series.