Once wasn’t enough! In addition to following up on some of the original profilees , the filmmakers traveled to seven other countries around the world: Germany, France, England, Italy, Serbia, Australia, and Brazil.

Another goal in producing a follow-up to TREKKIES was to respond to the concerns some STAR TREK fans voiced after seeing the first film. The filmmakers asked fans about things like extremism in fandom, when is it appropriate to wear a STAR TREK uniform in public, and how is a “normal” fan defined?

They also made a few stops in the USA at a convention in Baltimore, a fan-film shoot in Minneapolis, a Filk convention in Woodland Hills, and they met five STAR TREK tribute bands in Sacramento. Directed and Edited by Roger Nygard; starring Denise Crosby, and hundreds of international STAR TREK fans.

Newport Beach Film Festival
USA Film Festival Dallas
Sao Paulo International Film Festival

Roger Nygard’s films are available for streaming here:

Blink Movies VOD

“It’s every bit as funny as the original Trekkies, this time featuring a look at the international Trek fan phenomenon.” — Bill Hunt, thedigitalbits.com

“I found the film to be not only entertaining and light, but very interesting and insightful. … The deleted scenes were every bit as good as the ones in the movie. They are all on par with the rest of the film.”
— Brian Keegan, DVDFanatic Review, Overall DVD Score: A-

“If you were to do a documentary about what the majority of Star Trek fans are like, it would probably make a pretty boring movie,’ states Brannon Braga in the new documentary Trekkies 2. I would definitely have to agree with him on that. One thing Trekkies 2 is not is boring. At times it’s irreverent, at times it’s even poignant but it is very entertaining.”
— Jacqueline Bundy – Trek Nation.com